Houston Ventures is proud to have established corporations and nonprofits organizations that have true community value.


Our Portfolio of Corporations

Houston Ventures has worked hard to found and invest in meaningful organizations that solve a problem close to our hearts. We have been able to successfully and consistently generate profits through partnerships. We then reinvest in our passive wealth accumulation vehicles. An example of a passive wealth accumulation vehicle would be our business acquisitions and rental property holdings.


Check our what we have been able to accomplish below.

Our Companies

Express Mobile Imaging

Express Mobile Imaging is San Diego’s premier mobile imaging group. Providing door-to-door at imaging services at patients homes, traditional healthcare offices, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities as well as, senior communities. When a flexible and professional imaging solution is needed. You can trust Express Mobile Imaging will be there.

Garden of Eden Independent Housing

Garden of Eden Independent Housing is committed to providing a respectful, reliable, and safe independent living community for our clients. We provide daily meals, a bed in a fully furnished room and an entertainment area. Every property has on site management during the day, with on call staff at night.

Stefon Buys Houses

Stefon Buys Houses is Stefon’s personal acquisition company for residential real estate. Stefon Buys Houses was founded in 2016 after Stefon’s success working alongside strategic partners and mid-size private equity firms purchasing, renovating, leasing and reselling residential real estate. Stefon buys Houses cash throughout California in any price range.

Houston Medical Solutions

Houston Medical Solutions provides medical management and consulting services in specific healthcare related niches such as OBL (outpatient based labs) establishment and management of medical practices, diagnostic imaging groups (mobile and healthcare facilities), perform office space acquisitions/lease negotiations, assist with practice acquisition and disposition. With flat rate and percentage fee structure we can be competitive with our cost of service.

The 12 Investment Group

The 12 Investment Group is a collective of 12 experienced and forward thinking entrepreneurs focused on commercial real estate acquisitions, business acquisitions,and investing in the establishment of medical clinics in undeserved communities.