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Healthcare Compliance

Practice Management

We know as a physician you will have to deal with an overwhelming number of herculean tasks every day. Houston Medical Solutions can help you to mitigate this burden. We firmly believe that a physician’s primary focus should be patient care and hence we aspire to work with small and large practices to systematically increase the overall practice performance by managing the business complexities that come with a thriving healthcare practice. As a result of this, our clients run a more profitable and stress-free practice; focusing on what they love to do, treating patients.

Healthcare Compliance

Healthcare regulatory compliance is one of the biggest nightmares for any medical practice today. The practice management team at Houston Medical Solutions will formulate a compliance management program that is simple, flexible, economical and tailored for your practice. Adhering to the strict regulations governing HIPAA security and privacy rules, the false claim act, EMTALA, CLIA, Stark Law, OSHA standards and more, we ensure that your practice is staying current with changing regulations.

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